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What Is the Secret for High CTR? Why Is February A Bargain Time for Developers? What to do When Your App is Out of Beta? And More!

App Marketing Bargains in Store for February

Last year, the cost to acquire a loyal user in January was only 10 cents lower than December.
But February had a much steeper drop, going down 28 cents, despite having volume similar to December.
With heightened user activity and app discovery continuing long beyond the holiday season, February is a bargain time for reaching peak volumes of users at a lower cost.


Mobile App Marketing: Why WWE Does It Best

Once again, mobile and social media marketers can learn a lot about their craft from the unlikely educators at World Wrestling Entertainment.
Yes, we’re talking about the WWE – a professional wrestling organization known the world over, but not just for their body slams and colorful characters.
These days, the WWE is one of the world’s leading mobile and social marketing machines,
and their brand has benefited bountifully from their aggressive focus on mobile communications and entertainment.


Infographic: The Effectiveness of Mobile App Push Marketing

According to Responsys’ SVP of Emerging Channels Michael Della Penna, by 2020 there will be 75 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things.
This aren’t people… Our homes, our automobiles, our platforms, and even our medical devices are all developing comprehensive mobile and tablet applications with push notifications.
To learn more about the great ways push notifications can work for you click here.


Global app trends: Americas drive monetisation for developers

A global survey of application developers and publishers that provides a pulse on the app economy, results showed that developers are creating more apps than ever.
For a full overview of the report click here.



You and your start-up team have been working your product for a while, its just gone through a successful beta testing phase and is now generally available and ripe for purchase.
It has gone “LIVE”.
At this point you’d like to market your solution’s General Availability,
which is also referred to as a production release. These releases are considered to be stable, do not have serious bugs and are ripe for use in production.
The time has come to market it with a General Availability Announcement (GAA).

There are quite a few ways to do this that we will go over in this post.
But, first you must define your messages and shape your content for the different audiences you aim to reach, because there are many.
For example, a pitch to a writer will be different than creating a 140 character message for tweeting.


7 Things All Good Business Apps Have in Common

After a 100,000 or so mobile apps, we’ve gained a pretty good idea of what makes an app good.
The seven things listed below are the features shared by almost all of the good business apps we’ve seen.
We designed the Bizness Apps app builder to include each of these features,
and to make it easy for our customers to stay close to these core goals when making their businesses’ apps.
By keeping them in mind, you’re really keeping your users in mind, which is always a good idea.

For a full list click here.


Can You Double Your Clicks with the Jeopardy Effect?

Do you want more clicks on your tweets? Or, on your marketing links in emails or ads?
Or, if you are a blogger, journalist, or content writer, could you do with more traffic to your articles?
A new study by researchers at the BI Norwegian Business School demonstrates that phrasing headlines in a particular way more than doubled clicks, on average.

The Jeopardy Effect: What’s the unique premise of Jeopardy, the long-running TV trivia series?
The show’s odd quirk, and perhaps part of its secret to success, is that contestants must phrase their response in the form of a question.
Competitors have lost when they had the correct answer but failed to offer it as a question.
It turns out that there’s an important lesson there for marketers and writers, too.

The Norwegian researchers found that what is mandatory on Jeopardy also works in attracting clicks to tweets and ad headlines.
Multiple experiments showed that writing headlines in question format almost always increased clicks, and sometimes boosted the click rate by as much as 3, 4, and even 5 times!
On average, question headlines outperformed declarative headlines by 140 – 150%.